The Types of Safety Shoes

Whether you are at an industrial facility or a construction site, you are in a high-risk zone. You need to be on your toes and be highly cautious while dealing with equipment and machinery. But being cautious only in your mind is not everything. You have to take physical protection measures too in the form of protective clothing that will prevent body injury in case any accident occurs.

With increase in industrial output and high standards of production, the health and safety procedures of workers have been severely threatened. Studies suggest that approximately 25% of the workers suffer from foot-related injuries. The main cause is the constant exposure to hazardous environments and work in high-risk areas. Safety shoes have therefore become mandatory in such workplaces to provide protection to workers.

Trend Fete Shoes

Trend fete shoes are widely known for their comfort and durability. They manufacture robust and high-grade shoes. Allen Cooper started manufacturing safety shoes with the intention of providing high-quality shoes for workers who work in hazardous and dangerous environments. The shoes are in line with the latest trends and ensure complete safety from sharp objects.

Types of Safety Shoes

Safety shoes should be durable, reliable and keep your feet protected from injury. Let’s look at different types of safety footwear.

1. Safety-toed shoes

This footwear has a special toe covering to protect our toes from injury. This shoe is ideal for people working in heavy industrial facilities where they have to handle heavy equipment.

2. Steel Insole shoes

Steel insole safety shoes online have steel frames inserted into the console of the shoes to keep the feet intact while doing heavy-duty jobs. People who push pedals and drive heavy trucks need these shoes to keep their foot in a stable position.

3. Metal Instep shoes

Metal instep shoes protect your feet from outside injuries and accidents. These shoes keep your feet safe from pointed objects like nails or shrapnel. Workers in glass and small machinery factories have to wear these safety shoes to protect them from harm.

4. Electric Hazard Shoes

Electricians who work with heavy voltage machines and highly-critical circuits wear this kind of footwear. This footwear has a sole which protects you from sudden electric shocks. Electric hazards can happen anytime while you are working and can cause even death if you are not careful enough. So, these shoes are necessary while you are on an electrical job.